The newly formed Mental Health, Health and Social Care (MH2aSC) sits within the College of Social Science and the School of Health and Social Care at the University of Lincoln.  MH2aSC has a focus on Mental Health; Health and Social care with primary interests in Research, Education and Development

This structure informs the strategic direction of the MH2aSC programme. MH2aSC has evolved from the Centre for Clinical and Academic Workforce Innovation (CCAWI) and subsequently the Mental Health Research, Education and Development group (MHRED).   The original group was set up by Professors Tony Butterworth and Ian Baguley in 2005, and is now co-ordinated by Dr Christine Jackson, Dr Ros Kane and Ian McGonagle.   MH2aSC has evolved to encompass a broader range of research activity that involves social care and adult health, particularly ‘Cancer Survivorship’ through a parnership with Macmillan.

The group has a primary background in mental health, but ensure research, education and development has a deeper resonance across the wider health and social care communities.  Our staff group reflects health and social care across the spectrum of services.

  • The aim: to be an expert resource to Government policy strategists, health, social and education economies to create and drive innovation in health and social care settings.
  • The expertise and experience: In a previous life, as CCAWI, the centre established an excellent reputation for its work in clinical and academic workforce innovation, particularly around clinical & academic careers, values based practice and new ways of working.  This specialist experience and expertise survives to drive the work of MH2aSC. The group has developed unmatched expertise within the mental health, education and criminal justice environments. MH2aSC staff has a strong track record in leading and co-producing initiatives that have a direct and positive impact on services provided in the UK and internationally. Most recently the team has been working with the Department of Health and the Welsh Government to produce comprehensive learning resources to support the workforce in delivering effective assessment and care and treatment planning.
  • Our Values: We believe, and deliver an approach which reflects the principles of Values Based Practice (VBP):
    • We promote clinical/ practice skills which are values driven
    • We promote effective relationship skills for individuals and teams
    • We promote the essential link between Evidence Based Practice and values
  • Partnership and collaboration: MH2aSC has an established network of national and international collaborations and these partnerships drive our work.

Bridge House pic - Andy Weekes