Creating and Inspiring Hope (Mental Health Recovery Programme)

This Recovery training programme is underpinned by the 10 ESC, and builds on the 10 ESC Learning Pack for mental health practice.  It is also linked to the National Occupational Standard competency in Recovery, MH94: “Enable people to recover from distressing mental health experiences”.

This programme was developed by trainers and people who have used mental health services. The training consists of a two-day induction programme which may include 4 modules as part of a recovery induction training programme:

  • Introducing and Exploring Recovery
  • Recovery – Rediscovering Ourselves
  • Communication – The Essential Tool for Empowerment
  • WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Planning)
Hope Valley Derbyshire
Hope Valley Derbyshire

The principal authors of these materials were:

  • John Allcock, Associate Director, NIMHE National Workforce Programme
  • Piers Allott, Fellow for Recovery, NIMHE East Midlands
  • Ian Baguley, Associate Director, NIMHE National Workforce Programme; Director, Centre for Clinical & Academic Workforce Innovation (CCAWI), University of Lincoln
  • Karen Colligan, Sefton Recovery Group
  • Vanessa Crockford, Derbyshire Mental Health Services NHS Trust
  • Alison James, NIMHE National Workforce Programme
  • Peter Lindley, Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health


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