10 ESC Advanced Module: Mental Health and Substance Use Problems (Dual Diagnosis)

Background to the Development of this Learning Pack

This advanced module for Dual Diagnosis makes an explicit link to the Ten Essential Shared Capabilities and incorporates these capabilities into the competency framework (Closing the Gap, CCAWI 2006). The Ten Essential Shared Capabilities (ESC) lay out the core practice standards that all mental health practitioners (regardless of role) are expected to achieve.

The Dual Diagnosis training resource is divided into four main folders:

  • Manual and module documents: the trainee manual, and separate documents related to each module. The manual can be printed off in its entirety for courses which cover all the topics, or individual modules can be printed off for shorter courses. These act as trainee handouts, and also as background for the trainer.
  • PowerPoint slides: Each module has accompanying set of slides for the delivery of training.
  • Trainers resources: This includes trainers guidance; role-plays and exercises; programme outlines; and templates (such as evaluation forms and certificates)
  • Additional Reading: additional short reading material for trainees if relevant for the training.

This work was led by Professor Liz Hughes, now of the University of Huddersfield

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