Care Coordination

Care Co-ordination of Complex Care

The practice of coordination of services requires key skills in working collaboratively with service users, carers, and the wider care team.   These skills include an important drive to offer evidence based interventions coupled with the key skills of values based practice.  MH2aSC (and previously CCAWI/MHRED) have been at the vanguard of researching and producing material which supports the delivery of an effective workforce that can offer these approaches.

MH2aSC have developed programmes and resources to support the workforce to deliver high quality recovery orientated healthcare.  We recognise that the skills of coordination are applicable across all areas of health can social care where complex care packages are a feature (e.g. Long Term Conditions).

Care Co-ordination: Re-focusing the Care Programme Approach (CPA) (England)

In 2009 the Department of Health commissioned the University of Lincoln (CCAWI) to produce a flexible, multi-agency learning resource to support mental health care co-ordinators. This resource consists of:

  • a trainer’s manual,
  • a trainee’s manual,
  • a DVD and PowerPoint presentations.

Since the launch the learning resource has been used extensively by practitioners, academic and training staff, health and social care organisations, service users and carers. It is recognised as the primary resource for preparation and support in care and treatment planning in mental health settings.

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Refocusing the Care Programme Approach (PDF)