Care and Treatment Planning

Care Co-ordination: Excellence in Care and Treatment Planning (Wales)

The Mental Health (Wales) Measure (2010) has a focus on care and treatment planning for secondary mental health organisations. To support people to understand new legislative responsibilities, the University of Lincoln was commissioned by the Welsh Government to develop bilingual learning materials.

In additional to the development of learning resources, MH2aSC (as MHRED) contributed to the content for the Code of Practice for Parts 2 and 3 of the Measure which underpins the new legislation. The University of Lincoln materials are used as the core resource to support key aspects of the Welsh Government’s mental health strategy- Mental Health Strategy for Wales. MH2aSC have also developed an E-Learning site – the resources of which focus on the role of care coordinators and the requirements of Care and Treatment Plans.  The training encourages participants to reflect on their current practice and consider how they can make continuous improvements to their care and treatment planning work with service users.


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